Why Rent A Car By DOcar

Easy & Flexible

You only need 3 steps to rent a car and you can do it anywhere, anytime with DOcar application.

Lowest Price

DOcar helps you hire a car with the lowest price among our car rental company partners via DOcarís rental car search engine.

Lots Of Variants

DOcar system gives you full authority to choose cars from various types and brands to fulfil your car rental demand.

Right Choice

DOcar guarantee you get the car of your choice by giving detailed information about your will-be rent car.*

About DOcar

DOcar is a car rental marketplace in Indonesia. E-marketplace brings sellers and potential buyers in a virtual market. DOcar cooperates with car rental companies in Indonesia to offer car rental services to potential customers via the internet. DOcar is the meeting place for its partners to market car rental services and car renters who want to get the car of their choice.


DOcar’s History

DOcar's parent company, PT DOcar Rental Indonesia, is an IT and transportation service company. Engaged in a lot of transportation services makes DOcar see a business opportunity. Many car rental service business paid less attention to customers’ convenience to get a rental car that customers really wanted. As an IT company, DOcar is aware of the vast growing use of applications. We strive to aid market car rental services, help customers get a rental car that they really wanted, and support Indonesian tourism. In order to obtain those goals, we embrace car rental companies to join a marketplace under the name DOcar.

The decision of using DOcar as the name to represent these car rental business operators are not just a jargon. One of DOcar initiator’s visions is to invite customers, particularly leisure travellers, to choose rental cars as the main means of transportation. It is the aims of “DO your activities with CAR”.

In addition, DOcar has similar spellings with “dokar”, a traditional transportation of Javanese heritage. Javanese people believe that the term dokar originates from English word “dogcart” (a cart which carries hunting dogs). Nowadays, dokar main function is as a means of transportation for tourists to drive around town. Its function is also one of DOcar’s visions to contribute something worthwhile to Indonesian tourism.


DOcar’s Excellence

DOcar.co.id offers a service that is easy and flexible to access, lowest price, and lots of car variants. Compared to other similar services, we have an advantage to authentically list any rental car in detail, from their general conditions to their licence plates. Among other similar business, only DOcar that can guarantee you a rental car of your choice.

For now, the operational areas of our service are in Solo, Jogja, Semarang and their vicinities. However, our visionis to offer an online car rental services all over Indonesia. We believe we canto bring a car rental service that is easy, precise, and more affordable.

By renting a car through DOcar, you will get many benefits as follows:

1. Informative User Interface
You will know the real condition of the car. We provide detailed information of all our rental company partners their cars. Reviews from our customers can be your additional information to choose the best deal.
2. Right Choice 
You will get the car of your choice. You cannot get this advantage if you directly rent from rental companies. They probably offer you cars as per your criteria but not the exact car you want. DOcar’s system helps you get the right car, even go as far as providing you the licence plate number for further identification.
3. Lowest Rental Price
You can compare rental rates from different rental companies so that you get the lowest rental price from the same car types. DOcar offers many promos which can help you get a car with a more cheaper price.

We provide almost all types of cars; from city car, luxury car, until the big bus. We have Avanza, Xenia, Nissan March, the Grand Livina, APV Arena, Grand Innova, Fortuner, the Pajero, Pregio, Travello, ELF, HiAce, Alphard, Vellfire, Camry, and many more.

Currently, DOcar only provides car rental service with driver included  due to the difficult administrative requirements to rent a car without driver (self-drive).

For now, DOcar car rental service is in Solo, Jogja, Semarang, Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung, Surabaya, Malang, Aceh, Medan, Batam, Bali, Lombok, and Balikpapan. Our vision is to continue expanding DOcar services so that we can serve across Indonesia.

For car rental companies located in Solo, Jogja, Semarang, Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung, Surabaya, Malang, Aceh, Medan, Batam, Bali, Lombok, and Balikpapan, you can be our partner by filling the information about your rental company and send it to us. After receiving your form, we will validate your rental information. If we think your car rental company meets our standards, we will give you access rights to be able to add your fleets in DOcar. Only selected car rental companies that accepted the agreements between our party (DOcar) and rental car party can join us.

It is very easy to rent a car in DOcar. You only need to follow these steps:

  1. Fill in your trip details
  2. Choose a car from the provided list
  3. Make a payment with your preferred payment method

For further detail on car reservations, you can check out How To Reserve.

All of these are the facilities provided by DOcar. The details of the differences between “Driver Without Petrol; Driver With Petrol Included; and All In” are as follows:

Driver Without Petrol  : Net cost includes rental car and driver

Driver With Petrol Included : Net cost includes car rental, driver, and petrol

All In : You will not be charged extra costs because the net cost already include rental car, driver, petrol, driver meal, parking fees, toll fess, and other driver accommodations (if needed).

You can. When booking a car, enter the data of the person who will be using the car at "Informasi kontak yang akan dijemput". You can fill the data when filling the trip details.

At the moment, you must make reservations as many cars as you need if you want to rent more than one car.

Generally, you can rent a car at DOcar anytime. However, it is best to make a reservation one week in advance to ensure the availability of your desired car.

When filling out the search form, you can choose three facility options; Driver Without Petrol, Driver With Petrol Included, and All In. The net cost will depend on your choice.

DOcar provides multiple payment methods for you to choose. Currently, you can pay by manual bank transfer (BCA, Mandiri), virtual account (Mandiri, BNI, BRI, BII, Permata, Hana Bank, ATM Bersama network, ATM Prima network), credit cards (Mastercard, Visa), and Kredivo.

If you do not pay your order within 2 hours since booking, the reservation will be cancelled automatically by the system. You must make a reservation again if you want to use the car.

If the cancellation carried out up to 24 hours in advance, you will not need to pay cancellation fee. However, if the cancellation is longer than that, you will be charged a cancellation fee in the amount of what you have already paid.

Refund policy in DOcar includes two terms as follows:

a. All funds will be returned if the transaction is cancelled 2 x 24 hours prior to the departure.

b. The funds will be refunded if the car does not come at the pickup time until the next one hour.

Limitation for City Tour is different for each city. You can see the limitations on your Reservation Details at the time you rent a car with City Tour destinations.

You can book a rental car online and set the destination as you want as long as the destination is still within an island.

If this happens, you can file a complaint to our Customer Support. Our customer support will communicate your complaint to the concerned rental company. DOcar will help you get your desired car or a car with a higher grade than the car you order.

You have to pay some additional charges that amount varies. You can pay this extra charge to the concerned rental directly.

You will pay additional charges. Cost per hour for overtime use of rental car is generally 10% of the rental rates. However, this overtime fee is varied, depends on each rental company. Payment can be made directly to the rental in question.

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